Saturday, March 28, 2015

A card for Prima

Hi everyone!
You might have noticed that things have slowed down a lot here and over the last few posts I have been saying that I am slowing down a lot more and that things on here will continue to slow down.. Well, yeah things have :( Without totally leaving scrapbooking behind, I have , over the last couple of months, stepped down from , most of my design team stuff as I pretty much found it unrealistic to keep up. 

I have a toddler that is thriving..going on to 2 and I want to not only spend more time with her during the day, but invest as much energy as I can into talking to her, taking her places during the day (dont think anything exotic.. more like the local shopping centre LOL), sit and draw with her, play games (even on the iPad, she's quite the champion!) with her, and just BE THERE! Be in the moment, be present. 

This means that all day is gone, bar the couple of hours she sleeps which is the time I use to pay the bills, do the admin for our business, start dinner, tidy up etc and the 2 hours goes in a flash before it is time to go get the older girls from school, drop them off to various after school activities, pick them up in now time, come home , continue dinner, do homework with them while above mentioned thriving toddler hangs off one arm and is screaming for attention, have dinner, clean up and leave things spotless (yeah 'cause I am OCD like that too!) , hang out with all kids and hubby, read the occasional story (because I was THAT mother that said I would read with my kids every night but these days I am exhausted !) , tuck kids in, go up and down the stairs 30 times because someone forgot something, and then finally sit on the lounge around 8 and am like a robot and can only watch mundane programs like My Kitchen Rules that require zero thinking...Then wake up and do it ALL OVER AGAIn the next day x 7 days a week x 365 days a year!

Are you exhausted just reading that? Try living it! LOL Oh i forgot to say in there somewhere that I am obsessive about the nutrition of our family, so I source , research etc organic, good quality produce from all different places and cook mostly everything that we eat from scratch.!! Yes because I added THAT to my life too!! LOL 

I am NOT complaining .. seriously I am not. I am just trying to make you see why scrapbooking and creating had to take a back seat . It is regrettable because I love it. I hope to continue with Prima a bit longer and then .. maybe I can continue just for myself. 

Honestly.. I love it. I had 2 Design Teams I considered to be the elite of Design Teams.. that was 7 Dots Studio and Prima Marketing. I made both of those at the same time and then after that.. well.. what is there ? I see my work standard is declining and I am not proud of my work as I once was. So maybe.. one day I will continue to just scrap for me.. I love it too much. 

 But anyway, I will still be around and I hope I can drop by from time to time to share some work :)
Today I am sharing with you a card that I made for Prima Marketing

Materials Used: 
Cork Stickers Cigar Box Secrets #576158
Shabby Chic Resin Treasures Marvelle #891459
Jute Trim Mulberry #576844
Color Bloom Sultry Shimmer Pressed Petal #573881
Art Ingredients Glass Glitter Gold Rush #961657
Elementals 7x9 Stencil Weaving #962333
Art Basics 3D Matte Gel #961398
Art Basics Heavy Gesso White #961374
Art Basics Modelling Paste #961411
Wine Singles Mulberry Flowers #PE-005-12
Classic Purple 24 Pieces Mulberry Flowers #PE-390-20P

Until the next time, its goodbye for now :) 


  1. Nadia - beautiful and elegant and love the rich and wonderful color. I so enjoy your work and hope you will have time to share one of your always gorgeous pieces of art. However, I understand that family is first - always. Your daily routine tired me out just reading it - so, I hope you can get some "you" time - that's important too. I will keep a watch out for your art. Take care - and - maybe you could install a slide next to your stairs - at least one way will be fun!

  2. Absolutely Beautiful! I totally understand ... sounds like my whole life with five children. I'm very OCD as well, everything needs to be clean so that doesn't help matters. My youngest is 12 now, and things have calmed a great deal for me. I had stopped designing and had to stop creating for awhile a few years ago, as things were just way to hectic and I was homeschooling my youngest. Now I have almost 4 teenagers in the house and things get easier in the way of daytime care ... but then comes the worries of them driving, jobs and graduating lol. It never really stops, but my days are free of childcare. Still have lots of housewife duties, but I do have more time to fill for creating. Good Luck to you in everything! You're a wonderful Mother! xo

  3. Glad to see you popped in with a beautiful card to share, Nadia. The years go by quickly, so enjoy these moments with your children.

  4. There is nothing more important than health and family, so I am with you 110% Time flies and before you know it, your kids will be teenagers and will not scream for attention but to be left alone...that is how it always goes, so enjoy these years as much as you can...I regret not spending more time with my only son when he was little, that is why I always make it a point to all not to make my own mistake, life is too short...
    Regarding your card, it is absolutely stunning!!! Thank you for the inspiration :) Take care.

  5. Aaah! The life of a mother, eh? I don't miss it at all. It's much more fun being a grandmother , I can tell you!!!! Anyways, this card is beautiful - I certainly don't see a drop in standard of your work. It always inspires me!!!! And there ain't NOTHING wrong with my kitchen rules, sistah..... a GREAT show!!!!;)

  6. Yes I totally understand where your day goes.. I only have one child and a husband at home now and my days just fly by!! I remember when I had 3 and I did not even do scrapbooking then and the days were a blur.. and the years do go so fast.. so enjoy your little girl, because she will grow oh so fast.. I hope you get into your scrap space every now and then just to play.. because this card is amazing, and I will miss seeing your creations if you dont! hehe ! This card is rich and sophisticated, and absolutely love it.. enjoy the weekend, they seem to go faster then the weekdays!

  7. oh yes I bet you are so busy and need to have that extra family time. Your card is gorgeous :)

  8. Agree with everything said above! I am more than happy to see your work whenever you can spare the time. Your work is always inspirational and a visual feast. The only advise I can give you, being a mother of 3 grown children and grandmother of 4, is to somewhere in that hectic life find a little "me" time. A happy mum makes a happy home. And get all those hugs and kisses you can from those adorable children while you can, childhood is a fleeting moment in the big picture.

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  10. Believe the whole lot stated above! I am greater than pleased to look your work whenever which you could spare the time. Your work is perpetually inspirational and a visual feast. The only propose i can provide you with, being a mom of three grown children and grandmother of 4, is to somewhere in that aggravating existence to find a bit of "me" time. A completely happy mum makes a completely happy residence. And get all those hugs and kisses which you could from these lovely children at the same time you can, childhood is a fleeting second in the colossal snapshot.


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