Monday, June 23, 2014

Saying goodbye to 13arts...

Good morning! 

It is with a very heavy heart I say goodbye to one of my most favourite all time manufacturers 13arts. The time has come to move on to other things .... Some new Design Teams unfortunately clashed and something had to give :( 

All I want to say is a HUGE thank you to Aida who I can now call a friend for having the faith in me from the start and keeping me on as long as she did. She  just a wonderful person ... A genuine , soft person . And she is soooo much like me in sooo many ways and she is someone I wish did not live on the other side of the world .   
Sometimes I look back at my early work there and I cringe lol But Aida always encouraged me and always supported me and just like every other human on earth, I loved the positive reinforcement. 

I love everything about 13arts.... The product, the Design Team, the happy and easy environment. It's a dream. Aida was so very generous. She would send me things to play with and I created my very best work while on this team.  Everything I created just came together effortlessly...  I always felt that my mixed media 'style' evolved with each month I was on this Design Team. I remember the first box I received ages ago was full of mists, art mediums etc and I had no idea what to do.. Now, 1 and a half years later 13arts is my go to manufacturer for almost every piece of work I create. I will forever cherish the time spent there and will always enjoy using their products. I enjoyed every moment there and I encourage you all to play along at their challenges and apply for their DT calls... It is one of the best places to be at! 

So goodbye for now my lovely 13arts ... 

Here is my last project for 13arts

 13arts products are available at the 13arts store HERE or in the USA at The Flying Unicorn HERE and now in Australia at Sassy Scrapper HERE

"It's Your Day" card
 Rather than give you too much detail I have provided  a step by step photo tutorial for you to follow. I hope you like it!

Materials List
(13arts products are available at the 13arts store HERE or in the USA at The Flying Unicorn HERE and now in Australia at Sassy Scrapper HERE

Paper collection: Frosted Life  
Flowers: Handmade for 13arts
Stems: 13arts
Gesso: 13arts
Mist: 13arts pastel black, 13arts Pastel Pink
Texture: 13arts Glass Filler, 13arts Hologram Glitter

I hope you have been inspired today :) Let me know if you have.... I love to hear about it :) 
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  1. Just beautiful. I love the texture of that moondust paper and the bling looks so pretty. A fabulous and feminine card. They will miss you too I am sure.

  2. Nadia<3 What can I say... I am sad, touched and happy for you at the same moment:) You know how much I love your work, how much I love being your friend, and how much I will miss you! Thank You so much for all the beautiful words you said about me and my company, you have no idea how much it means to me! I am very grateful for the wonderful time we spent in the team together, I am sure we will still be friends:) :*

  3. Absolutely amazing card! I loooove the beautiful colours and the touch of sparkle. You've done such amazing work for 13 Arts and I'm sure they will miss you lots!

  4. Nadia this card is just beautiful!

  5. Wow! This truly is stunning, Nadia. I am fascinated by how it came together.

  6. Lovely card and a great photo tutorial.

  7. What an amazing card with such luscious texture.. love those glitter bits! and you have always inspired me with your MM Nadia..

  8. Every end does lead to a new opening. Kudos for soldiering on, even on such a drastic, yet most probably necessary move. There are bound to be lots of venues that will open up, as online presence is always about expansion.

    Clwyd Probert @ Whitehat


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