Friday, October 7, 2016

Mixed Media Canvas with step by step video

Good evening every one. I am hoping this post finds you well. 

I have been asked a few times lately to make a video of my creative process. I have a You Tube channel HERE and I have done a few videos in the past. I do find they are time consuming, but I do like to share whatever little info or some minimal techniques I use so I have created one for this canvas below. 

I want to say a little bit about my creations. First of all I do not ever have a plan. I have said in the past I always "just start" and I always work very very fast. After 1.5 years off, I have to say I have "slowed" down a little bit, but I still have no plan as to what I want to go on and create. Secondly, when I first started creating I used to use a lot of product and I wanted everything to SHOW! As time went on, and as you will see in this video, my style kind of changed and a lot of layers that I create on my projects don't really show. A lot of the embellishments or papers I use only can be seen a little bit. I think this gives a project a lot of "depth". I think it's OK if only a little bit of each layer shows. Lastly, since coming back to crafting, I have had to buy every single thing from scratch again. It sounds so silly doesn't it? However this has helped me a lot because I now know my style and I know exactly what I need to buy. So I have fallen straight back into creating my way using the same products I have used before. Therefore, its important to remember that it takes time to find your style and although you may want to create something inspired by others you need to keep searching for what it is that comes naturally to you. For me, I sometimes go between soft and romantic, to a little grungy, a little messy etc. It does depend on the papers I use etc. 

So anyway, here is my canvas with some close ups. 

You can watch the video on my Youtube channel HERE or below..

Let me know your thoughts!

Hope you have been inspired in some way.

Bye for now, Nadia


  1. Well you are a natural to just start creating again after such a break and to do such amazing work just is incredible.. I love how you layer up and I was wondering about the process, if you had a plan but it just seems to flow.. I guess when you are making a video you dont want to just sit there thinking... that is my problem, i sit and think.. probably overthink i reckon.. will i put this on here or over there!! hehe.. love the colors and the end result.. stunning.. thanks for sharing the video.. it really is very inspiring.. have a great weekend..

  2. Wow, amazing work!I adore everything about it-the colours, the texture. What a colourful imagination...

  3. Wow, amazing work!I adore everything about it-the colours, the texture. What a colourful imagination...

  4. Its Gorgeous !! I love how you build lauers on your projects be it textures,papers or color layering !! I have enjoyed watching your videos ,Thanks for sharing !

  5. Gosh, this is a-ma-zing! I love your work so much!

  6. Beautiful canvas, Nadia. I never realized all the product that went into making it.

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