Monday, June 30, 2014

A farewell to Maja Design :(

Hi there..

well .. today I am writing this post with some more sadness. As you have noticed the past week or so I have stepped down from most of my design teams for various reasons and today is my last post for Maja Design as well. :(

I have been on this team for 6 months now, and was Guest Designer back in December and worked with their products all of last year so I do feel like I know their papers well. 

But the time came last month for me to make some changes.

My life right now is full on. There is literally no moments off, ever. ESPECIALLY during the day. It has been easy thus far to scrap during the say because babies sleep a lot and I was blessed with all 3 of my children being good sleepers day and night. So Sofia is now 1, sleeps less (which is great because I get out and do stuff before getting kids from school)  and I do not wish to miss out on precious time with her right now because I need to scrap, or feel sick and grumpy in the mornings because I stayed up late the night before scrapping. I mean, I still do , don't get me wrong LOL but I just cannot do it as often. I basically need to leave my days free and get some scrapping done at night . 

The older girls are both in school, so we all know what that is like. Right now life for me is: Sofia full time during the day, Sofia + 2 more full time from 3:30 until 7:30 pm when they finally are asleep.
Some nights I feel like scrapping. Others not! 
So changes needed to be made to find a balance. 
I cannot give my creating up right now! NO WAY! This is my lifeline... I am happy to continue with Prima of course which starts next month, 7 Dots Studio which also starts next month and The Scrapbook Diaries and The Flying Unicorn for now . I think this will keep me busy enough for a little while... 

I have also very sadly stepped back from my responsibilities at my challenge blog Once Upon A...Sketch which was a HUGE emotional decision for me. 

I guess you could say I started feeling this familiar thing happening in my tummy lately.. the thing where you get nervous to create things and it starts to feel not so good .. I have had these feelings before and I let them go too long before acting on them , and reached the point where I burnt out. 

So with all this, here is a card I crated for my last post at Maja Design. 

It is dedicated to Jenny and Marie. THANK you both so much for having me on your team this year, for reserving a spot for me a year and a half ago, and for this great opportunity!


  1. What an amazingly gorgeous card and a great way to end your DT membership for Maja Design. You always rock their papers :)

  2. What a stunning card!! I know that feeling of nervousness about creating too, I thought I was the only one.

  3. Nadia you are just wonderful! I"m excited how many projects you create- so many ideas and amazing results each time! You definitely need this time for your sweet daughters and you!
    Amazing project!

  4. I really take my hat off to you as I am finding it is hard to get the time to scrap and I only have 1 child at home, with all the running around with school and keeping my chores (and yes they become a chore at times..hehe..) so I think you need to be kind to yourself and listen to that voice that may be whispering at the moment but will scream at you later on if things get too much.. I always love what you create, you create with so much detail and passion and I will continue to look forward to seeing what you put up on your blog.. life is full of seasons, and you have been a wonderful ambassador for each of the places you have been on DT for.. Love this card, and I am sure you will be appreciated for your contribution to Maja Design..and soooo looking forward to what you get up to with prima!! Enjoy your day.. We are on school holidays here, whew.. so nice to not have to get in the car twice a day!! take care.. love lizzy

  5. Gorgeous card, Nadia! Will miss your work with the beautiful Maja papers, but I fully understand the need to prioritize. Time flies all too quickly and children grow up in the blink of an eye. You are doing the right thing.

  6. That is amazing, Very awesome. I will continue to look for your creations. Speaking from experience there will be more time in the future. I was in the same boat a bit ago. Have fun with the little ones.

  7. Parting is such sweet sorrow.. beautiful. Also love that Crafters Workshop stencil.

  8. This is a beautiful card and I am sure that they will miss you and your creativity on their team. I really really love their papers... just up my alley :D

  9. This card is gorgeous. Please, don't be sad. Everything's gonna be allright anyway.

  10. you are an artist and your creativity is fabulous and so inspiring i will continue to look what you put on your blog thank you for all
    You definitely need this time for your sweet daughters and you! blessings

  11. just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

    Cardsharing Server

  12. So very beautiful! Love it.

  13. I love your work and yes I did notice you were slowing down but I also respect that as you have a family that has to come first.
    I have just had another baby myself and I can't wait to actually scrap a photo of him and our new family but I don't want to ever out him down to do so!! Lol they only stay little for a short time and with the other kids on holidays too we are just loving being together.
    I often find myself inspired by challenges, create my page but then I can't be bothered blogging it. I don't scrap to compete in challenges ( partly cos my work isn't at such a high standard) but I love what I create and that's the main thing.
    Your still on a few dt's so I'm know your pages will be coming so I'm always on the lookout for your work but I do hope you enjoy spending that little bit more time with your girls and of course the hubby!!
    This card is just as stunning as always. So much detail and layers I don't know how you do it!


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