Saturday, May 17, 2014

A layout for The Dusty Attic

Hello everyone! 

Back with you today to share one more layout created for The Dusty Attic 

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"Lights Camera Action"

Now that I have 3 children, it is very interesting to watch them and see their different personality develop. Is it not true that the first born is usually the cautious one because both parents were probably all of that child because it was the first one? And is it not true by the 3rd child there is no time to take a breath let alone "fuss" over things of ZERO importance which makes kids more resilient, easy going and spontaneous? This is what is going on in this picture.. it sums up exactly what is happening with my 3 daughters. The oldest 2 are having ice cream. The first born wants the baby to try it but the look on her face is one of worry... while if you look at the middle child.. well she is having a great old time LOL No fear, no stress.. just waiting and hoping the baby drops it or something. And then we have the baby.. she's just going along for the ride, into everything and is growing at a much faster rate than the others.. lol She just wants that ice cream!! 

I cut the large Number Grid into smaller pieces and matted my photo on it. 
I painted it with Gesso and then coloured it with Ginger Peach Twinkling H2O's .  

I used once again Wendy Vecchi Embossing Paste but in black this time. I used it with a stencil for some extra texture and interest. 

Materials List

The Dusty Attic
Chipboard hearts: Scribble Hearts (DA1019)
Title: Lights Camera Action ( DA1057)
Number grid Large ( DA1061)

Paper: 7 Dots Studio - Messy Head
Luminarte Twinkling H2O's - Ginger Peach
Wendy Vecchi Embossing Paste: BLACK
Stencil: The Crafters Workshop - Life Months


I hope you have been inspired today :) Let me know if you have.... I love to hear about it :) 
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  1. Wow, what an amazing lay-out! Your use of colours is truly unique and truly fabulous as well :)

  2. First of all congrats to your lovely daughters! Sometimes I think, your day must have more than 24 hours (I´ve seen your post at OUAS and understand but it´s sad and I hope you´ll return <3) - 3 children, a husband, household, blogging.... AND creating such stunning artwork! I love your work and be inspired by. Thank you!
    Have a nice weekend!
    xxx Evelyn

  3. Your so right!! With each child of mine they get a little less scared and a lot more daring!
    There is no way my daughter (first born) would have been able to go on such a large trampoline but my son ( fourth born) has been on it since he could crawl!!
    Love the black, white and pink in this layout and what an awesome photo too.
    Your girls are aimply adorable and look like they will be the best of friends in life and that's a huge credit to you.

  4. Glad to hear it's an ice cream in the photo, at first glance I thought it was a chilli! Lovely LO.

  5. Gidday! I saw this on FB and had to come by for closer views! It looks fabulous, love the texture and the chipboard behind your photo! Had a smile about you said about the girls and you are right about what you said! The first baby is wrapped in bubble wrap the second has bits of bubble wrap when you have time to find it and by the third one you have lost the bubble wrap!!! Have a wonderful celebrating your family today! Xx

  6. I adore your bright funky layouts - so much texture. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Stunning and your journalling is so true...and our number 4 is rebelious, cheeky and tough as nails lol

  8. the time of nr three Nadia was using that Bubble wrap on her pages!!! lol! But it is so true, have experienced the same with my three...Amazing page with stunning artwork Nadia!

  9. Love the colour combination of this layout and the chipboard. Im looking forward to seeing what you create for the scrapbook diaries mega kit. X


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