Thursday, May 22, 2014

A brand new team!

Good morning! I am here quickly to share some amazing news.. a little while ago I found out I will be part of the 7 Dots Studio team for the next term! This is an absolute dream come true. I am in love with 7 Dots Studio and very much enjoy creating with all their collections new and old. 

Check out the full announcement HERE

This is the rest of the team :) 

DT coordinator - Keren Tamir - Canada
Louise Nelson - Australia -
Riikka Kovasin - Finland
Frau Muller - Ukraine
Melenia Agapides - Greece
Sandi Smith - Canada
Elena Olinevich - Belarus
Irina Gerschuk - Russia
Elena Morgun - Russia
Anna Rogalska - Poland
Anna Komenda - Poland
Nadia Canizzo - Australia
Ebony van der Starre Australia
Stephanie Papin - France
Tanya Dudkina Ukraine -
Pascale B - France -
Tatyana Sidorenko Belarus
Helen Tilbury - South Africa -
Marilyn Rivera USA
DeeDee Catron USA
Belladonna Poland

CONGRATULATIONS to all the girls. 


  1. Woohoot, huge congrats! You're perfect for their team :) I can't wait to see your fabulous 7 Dots creations!

  2. CONGRATS NADIA!! what a dream come true!

  3. Congratulations! What a wonderful team to be on...have fun creating with them:):)

  4. Well done, have fun and I look forward to seeing what you create!!

  5. Congrats Nadia. Awesome news :)


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