Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Sketch Challenge for The Dusty Attic!!

Hello everyone! Happy 1st of the month. The weather is continuing to cool down here in Sydney and  I cannot say I am too sad about that.  Once the kids go back to school in late January it really does mean that summer is pretty much over and the unbearable heat and humidity here is a killer! Besides, I am SO over daylight saving!! Seriously the sun does not go down until almost 9:00 pm and when my kids bed time during school is 7:30pm it makes it so hard to settle them at night. 

Well OK complaining over!

Now, here is the latest sketch I created for the sketch challenge over at The Dusty Attic. 

The Dusty Attic have a HUGE website.. it includes:
Product Gallery HERE
The ning site and gallery HERE
The blog HERE

Here is my take on it..


Ok so as you know I would normally go through the details of how I created this layout and what materials I have used. However I have some exciting news.. at some point over the next few weeks this layout will be available in a kit format for you to purchase over at The Dusty Attic! Yes you will be able to purchase this page kit and recreate this layout. I will give you lots of details when that happens!

1 x 12x12 Geometric Panel (DA1037)
1 x Speech Bubbles (DA1067)
1 x Lots Of Dots sheet (DA1059)

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  1. This is just stunning!! Love the design and the colors!! And so cool how you used the chipboards!!

  2. This turned out amazing! I really love all the blue and squares!

  3. Wow Nadia,I love the geometric board on the background and the colour is stunning, really beautiful.

  4. Beautifully done layout! I always love aqua and white colors together.

  5. I love your LO and your sketch. I have never done much with the mediums, but I love seeing all that you create. Here in the northern hemisphere, I am loving that the days are longer. It was about 45-50F today. I LOVE it. It has been a super cold winter here in Wisconsin. Still, we have more snow and sleet in the forecast. I am hoping winter will be gone soon!

  6. You need to come and live in Queensland!! hehe.. we voted daylight saving OUT years ago although I had heard they were trying to get it back again.. It is crazy trying to get kids to sleep when clearly it is not dark yet.. It just makes the farmers work harder as they go out when the sun comes up but stay out until it is getting dark.. I remember my mum having to call for my dad to come in from the farm as tea had been sitting for a couple of hours.. (Dad was a dairy farmer..) And I remember coming home on the school bus at 3.30 but really it was 2.30 and the sun was sooo hot.. anyway the joys!!! hehe!! But hey.. LOVE this layout.. love the grid pattern under your photo, what fabulous dimension it gives.. and love the colors.. and the little pop of yellow in the flower... looks wonderful!! Happy April!!

  7. This page as the others, is still and always a great success!!
    Congratulations for all your work!

  8. Its Awesome page..I loved the layering,colors ,chipboards..everything !

  9. waoouh! love the colors and LO FABULOUS BACKGROUND

  10. LOL it was the same when we went to France last year and it was only getting dark at 11 - we would go to bed around 1 am and then by 4 am it was light again :) we don't have daylight savings here in SA at all. Would be a nightmare with young kids.... :)
    I love this layout the colours are just gorgeous. Going to have a look at DA and will keep an eye out for it.

  11. Gorgeous page- love the chipboard!


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