Saturday, January 11, 2014

Maja Design January Mood Board

Hey everyone, how are you all going? 

I am SO excited to share with you my very first project as a Design Team member for Maja Design! YAY!!

Did you know that a lot of Maja Design collections are available at The Flying Unicorn store HERE

Now, here is the first mood board challenge for 2014!!

Here is my layout based on this challenge. 

"Enjoy The Journey"

SO in 2014 something BIG is going to happen to this little girl and to me.... She will start BIG school. 2 years ago when her older sister started, I went through the same emotions. This time, because the baby arrived mid 2013 I feel like this little one lost a little of me. You see , she is very attached to me and seeks me out everywhere and anywhere. She is the one that will come to me in the mornings to say good morning with a big hug, or ask "where is mum?"... She cares about my having a slice of pizza, or when I will have my coffee. She is tuned into to me . And now, on January 30th I have to leave her there to start a new journey.. Of course I am happy. It is all part of life. But i would be lying if I said I wished she never had to go anywhere. 

All that "if you love someone you got to let them go" blah blah blah ..that doesn't work with me. If I love someone I want them next to me , to show them and give them my love. I don't love from afar very well LOL. 

But such is life yes? And she is SO ready for school and she will be with her sister there and I will have Sofia and I will try and hold on to all that... I can't wait to see her thrive... I am certain she will do well. 

So let's have a look at some close ups..
So I added  one of my favourite Silks Paint colours, Plumeria here.. LOVE using this stuff and The Flying Unicorn has just added almost all the colours to their shop HERE 

Materials List

Paper: Vintage Summer Basics -"1905", "1923"

From The Flying Unicorn
Ink: 13arts Ink - Black

Flowers: Prima Marketing - Interlude B, Soprano F, Frost Allure
Stamps: Paper Artsy mini stamp, Stampers Anonymous Bitty Grunge, Just Thoughts
Butterfly: Handmade by me using Martha Stewart crafters clay and mold
Clocks: Prima Marketing - Clock Faces

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  1. I think this is my bestest fave of ALL TIME...the 'woodsy' bg against the pink....a DELISH photo & the just oozes....good luck with the changes. Change is something it's taken me FIFTY years to sort of come to understand that that IS life....still don't like it. Change. So, like I say, good luck with that!!!! Nah - you'll be fine. Least you've got S at home for a while longer!!!!

  2. How beautiful this layout is and the photo of your daughter is so sweet! It is hard to leg go of children at the different milestones of their lives. I know it's the natural thing but it's not easy for the parent.

  3. HI Nadia.. oh wow another school girl.. she will be fine and so will you! I am also one of 'those' mums who hang around the school at quarter to 3 on the first day waiting for them to come out and see how their day was... precious moments watching our kids grow up.. such a pretty photo.. and love the pops of pink.. and the textures on your back ground.. fantastic!! I hope your weekend is going well!!c

  4. Gorgeous !! It looks like pretty princess sitting a garden of lovely pink flowers !! Pink and grey combo with lovely textures look FAB !!

  5. What a gorgeous feminine lay-out! You really know how to rock pink :)

  6. magnifique page très féminine bravo !


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