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Have you seen what is available at the 13arts online store?

Hello everyone. I have the great privilege of being on the Design Team of the wonderful Polish manufacturer 13arts  for a second term now and I would like to show you some of the amazing products that are available at their 13arts online store HERE.

If you are closer to the USA, The Flying Unicorn also carries 13arts papers and some products HERE 

This review was done at a Russian blog which, with permission from the owner, I have cut and pasted here and translated for you..but PLEASE be patient with Google translator LOL!


"Materials produced under this brand have a certain magic! Fantastic paper with dazzling texture, rich sprays, various mediums, ink and acrylic paint, and that's not all!With these materials, you can create a job in virtually any style! But everything in the queue :)



A bit of history. The founder of this brand is   Aida Domisiewicz . 

 Aida's love and passion for scrapbooking,helped her make the decision and take a chance and create a brand 13arts.

Imagine this brand only 1 year, but its active development is to be envied! 13arts is sponsoring a lot of  Challengeblogs, and has an excellent design team .

 Recently 13arts released a new collection of paper, masks, and other products..

6 double-sided scrapbook papers, 12 designs, 
12x12 inch, 250gms, acid and lignin free

matte sheet of stickers






Branches                                          Clocks

brand new  flowers  handmade Kati

Here are some  Ayeeda mist sprays
So, we have a jar Ayeeda Mist, which has an elongated shape and is very convenient to go to even elegant little hand. Spray volume 33 ml. This is slightly less than the Ranger, but significantly more Ditto (15 mL) and October Afternoon (28 mL) course is displayed and on price. 

Spray has a very rich color, has a beautiful sheen, and have chalky. Sprays must shine Shake before using. On shine it reminds Tattered Angels, but the main color is much richer. And this is very important. Personally, I have encountered many times with changing color when dry, sometimes it's really sad. With sprays 13arts this can not be! Color meets your expectations. And it is ideal for a variety of accents. 
Sprayer works great. He is not stuck (which happens with October Afternoon and Ditto) and does not clog as Tattered Angels. 

Next, we look  acrylic  Ayeeda Paint


The paint is in a convenient jar. 22 ml volume. Very comfortable to type paint brush as well as a palette knife. Huge palette.This rich colors and delicate. On the possibility of working with acrylic paint can talk endlessly. This is work with collages and artzhurnalami, painting of various elements, adding paint as accents in page, chipbordov painting, in general, all that your heart desires. What good paint 13arts? Everyone! Perfect texture, beautiful colors. By the way, if you add in the paint and spray vodichku you can get spreezamenitel.

And now it was the turn  of ink Ayeeda Ink


Inks are also located in a very convenient jar with a pipette. 25 ml volume. Very dense saturated color. They are water-based.Since the ink can run on any surface (paper, fabric, etc.). Better, of course, pre-coated surface of Hesse. What you can do with these fantastic ink? Certainly draw, put the spray, add beautiful accents, dyeing cloth, flowers, paper, gauze, etc. Add the ink and spray water and spray now. The only thing that is highly recommended by the manufacturer - is to wear gloves when handling ink :)

Of course, 13Arts could not produce an arsenal of different mediums to work magic in the style mixed-media.

Texture paste Ayeeda Medium has a volume of 120 ml. Pasta is a classic jar. Its texture is slightly denser than Sonnet and has a lighter form of jelly. Falls easily through the mask gives good volume and perfectly white. Dries it a little longer than Sonnet, but it shall not so much leading paper. This may be due to its density and, at the same time move.


Also in the arsenal available 13arts Hesse  Ayeeda Gesso  2 classic colors (black and white). Hesse can give a small amount of the substrate through a mask, so we can use Hess at work with pages and as a basis for further painting different surfaces. Hesse has good density and go very smoothly.

And, of course,  a medium-gel Ayeeda Medium-GEL . It is situated in a tube, 100 ml. This medium can serve as glue, assistant in translating images, creating the basis for billing, so you can apply for it through volume mask, fasten collages. If you add acrylic paint, you can change the color of the gel.

For decoration works 13atrs just released a large assortment of microbeads 2x species.

Microbeads 100 ml small and large. It can be used not only as decoration (decorating chipbordy or part) but also for texture basics

As well as classic microbeads  Ayeeda Powder 3d  gold and silver - it is perfectly decorate any work ... especially in a Christmas theme.

Well, not without paper. 13arts paper produces a unique design. Many pages have a textured print, not immediately possible to guess whether you have made yourself or is it a texture of paper.

A major plus of this paper is not only the density, but also the possibility of its use as a mixed-media works and Shabby.Within the sets of 6 sheets of paper 2storonney also a sheet of labels and / or die-cuts.
See for yourself:


Collection Frosted Life

Collection All is Love

Collection Faces of spring




  1. WOW - love the Timeless papers ! - especially for my teens

  2. All these products look amazing, I have so much to keep learning about scrapbooking!

  3. love all these products Nadia, I always have a good read of your blog posts to see what products you use :)


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