Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A mixed media card for Manor House Creations!

Hi everyone.. boy it has been a while since I have blogged "live".. These days, the majority of my posts are pre scheduled about a month in advance. This is the only way I know how to cope and to make sure that I have worked well in advance on DT projects that should life become crazy (how much more crazier I have no idea!LOL) then I at least have time to work on things . I confess, I am not a last minute kinda person! 

Everything is going really well.. Sofia is 6 months along and we have started solid food :) Fun days for an OCD clean freak like me when pumpkin ends up EVERYWHERE but her mouth lol

The older girls are going really well too. Maria finishes Year 1 in about 3 weeks, while we only have a couple of months left before Ioanna starts big school in late January .. this will be hard for me. Very hard. 

As for me, all is well. Well.. "well" is relative isnt it? If by well we mean healthy, alive, and grateful for everything we have then..yes I am doing extremely well. 

Is it hard with 3 kids? You bet! There is no waking moment when they don't ask for something! Not because they are naughty children.. not even close. But its because they ARE children and having children and raising GOOD children is HARD work , all day, every single day. 

Would I change anything? Not one little bit.. there are MANY hard days. But when I look at Sofia, and then I look at my eldest Maria and realise how quickly time goes.. well.. it all becomes clearer. Do I say to myself "I CANT DO THIS ONE MORE DAY?".. heck yes! Every day.. Then, I am back again the next morning doing it all over again LOL! I just want a day off.. ok, maybe a week would do it but i just want a little time off to maybe shower at an appropriate time, and drink ONE coffee ONE day without being asked "mummy, mummy, mummy what are are having? Can I have some? " LOL! And just to think that 1 of the 3 kids doesnt even talk yet LOL!

This is life yes? 

Anyway, I am so proud of this next card I am posting here today. I have been playing around with some mixed media and stencils etc lately and I love how the background turned out here. 

I used some subtle flowers from Manor House Creations, as well as one of their frames and words. 

Manor House Creations Products:
 Believe paper – Dreams come true
Ornate frame – Gothic white
 Flowers – Letters from Paris
Flexible words – Love black.

Thanks for dropping by today and letting me vent.. I feel better now :) 

Till next time my friends :) 



  1. Hahaha...Φαντάσου δηλαδή να αρχίσει να μιλάει κιόλας!!!! Ε, ρε γλέντια!!!! Κουράγιο Ναντιάκι μου!!! Σε καταλαβαίνω 100%, τα ιδια κι εγώ...μπορεί να μην έχω μωρό αλλά γυρνάω στις 5 απο τη δουλειά...και εχεις δίκιο, δεν έχει να κάνει με "άτακτα" παιδιά, απλά ζητάνε συνέχεια την προσοχή της μανούλας!!!
    Now...about that gorgeous, striking, vibrant delicious card.....hmmmm, should I say more??? Love it!!! <3

  2. Beautiful card, Nadia! And way to tell it like it is- 3 is hard but rewarding.

  3. Oh I can only imagine how demanded your time must be and I fully get the wouldnt change a thing but just one day off would be awesome.
    Your card is amazing, love your stenciling :) and awesome colors

  4. It's such a gorgeous and romantic card. I love your unique colour combo!

  5. Like I was reading about my own life... One day I was trying to count how often do I hear "Mummy". I counted 100 and it wasn't even a noon.
    And Your card is wonderfull - I love the colours and textures. It looks so soft and feminine.

  6. What an ADORABLE colour combo.....love that frame, too......& before you know it there'll be grand kids running around.... Yep! That's life:):)

  7. I love reading up on how things are going with you & look forward to every post. .Love your card , the colour is eye catching so love the frame.x

  8. Love your colour combo Nadia and the texture works well. Love hearing your stories too, it akes me back to when my children were young but as Lizzy says, before you know it there's grandchildren......

  9. Beautiful card, Nadia! Enjoy every moment with your children--time passes in the blink of an eye!

  10. HI.. Life is busy life is crazy we all agree with you.. we all nod when we read your posts about family and kids.. yes we all have those moments where we just want a minute... and then off we go again on our busy crazy way!! Love your card, love the colors and love your MM style.. I am still trying to learn about the MM hopefully one day I will be ok at it!!!!! Have a good evening!!

  11. I would never have thought that Yellow and pink/red could look that beautiful togheter. Love your design and such cool textures too.

  12. Oh Nadia, I just HAD to leave a comment...your raw honesty makes MY day!! Makes me feel so normal...lol!! I so feel like you right down to the I CAN'T DO THIS ONE MORE DAY!!! But we do...:) They do grow in a blink of an eye. Just got my 2nd boy uniforms for school next year...so sad that he will be off to big school. But you are do an AMAZING job..keep going my friend :)
    Just love this card..the colour combo is just stunning! Take care xoxo


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