Friday, August 9, 2013

August Mood Board for Maja Designs!

Hello there everyone! 

I am here today to share with you my creation for Maja Designs August Mood Board. 

This is what the mood board looks like this month .. perfect ! I LOVE it! 

Remember when it comes to these mood boards, you can interpret them in ANY WAY you like... ! You can draw inspiration from anything in them. The image, the words, the colours and the little poem are all there for you to be inspired by! 

I have used the wonderful, beautiful and VERY sweet Sofiero collection here..

You know, I consider myself very lucky that one day about 4 years ago a copy of a scrapbooking magazine was included for free in the card making magazine I used to buy back then! This is how scrapbooking started for me, and probably for most people, .. by accident. I knew that night I wanted to make something and because I have ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS preserved memories in one way or another, what perfect way to create things for my then 2 year old (Maria ) and newborn baby (Ioanna)!!! So off I went and tried to recreate things in those pages and the result of course was dismal .. LOL! You cannot recreate things you see in magazines if you do not have THE EXACT materials they have used. So slowly, a style developed (not sure of it yet!). I invested (wasted!) a lot of money along the way, till one day I decided to start a blog because I was SOOOOOOOO confident my work was amazing LOL!

 Anyway.. that was 4 years ago around about this time and little did I know then that this "hobby" would turn into a way of life for me. Little did I know, I would STILL be going 4 years later. Little did I know that I would have met the most amazing bunch of women (and men!) ANYONE could ever wish for. People from all over the world. I think I pretty much know someone in many countries that I would most definitely go out of my way to visit when I get there! 

Of course, my love affair with scrapbooking, paper crafting, blogging etc has not always been the best. Just like most healthy and long lasting relationships we have had fights! Ohhhh yes we have! LOL! I have left scrapbooking and quit everything TWICE, swearing NEVER to return to it again. Many of you know the reasons. It .. always revolved around pregnancies and .. the rest. But somehow it always called  me back to it.. Late last year, after being very ill at the beginning of my pregnancy with Sofia, I remember meeting my friend Jasmine Shea here in Sydney and telling her I had JUST LEFT everything, every design team, everything I was doing, I packed my crafty bags, locked them in the attic and I would never scrap again!! LOL! The blog kept going with the many projects I had created MONTHS before :) 

A few months later, enter an email from the very lovely Jenny, DT coordinator for Maja Design, asking to join their team in 2013! What? I really wish I could have, but being well into my pregnancy JUST the thought of touching paper made me ill. I politely declined and for some reason decided to reveal to her that I was pregnant, and just was not interested in taking anything on for 2013. She understood and asked if it was OK to send me some papers to play with. I thought "what the heck.. why not?" . 

And my dear friends.. a box FULL of papers from many of their collections arrived. It sat on my desk for weeks. 'till I decided to create something with it. Just for me... No DT work.. NOTHING! I created this canvas...I created this well into my pregnancy ...

and something inside me moved. To cut a long story short.. I started creating again REALLLY slowly, using just Maja Designs papers and somehow I begun to get some offers from other places, who were willing to work with me in regards to volume of creations and deadlines etc. 

Why am I telling you all this? Well, for one, I credit Maja Design and Jenny for getting me back into it all... Scrapbooking was THE LAST thing on my mind late last year!!! 
But fast forward all these months later and I am in such a better place with everything in my life. The biggest burden has been lifted off my shoulders and off my heart. The one about whether my baby would be OK. She was.. and to go back to the point I was making earlier, there were SO SO many people throughout that WHOLE journey that just gave me hope.. every day I would read something that would take my mind to a better place and THAT my friends is invaluable when you are so overwhelmed with fear about your unborn baby. One of those people was my friend Eila Sandberg. She is my OTHER Swedish connection. She is an amazing person who I so wish lived down the road.. Just a wise person that knows all the answers. 

A couple of weeks ago, i received a beautiful parcel from Eila full of Swedish chocolate, clothes for Sofia and the wonderful Sofiero collection from Maja Design, which I used to create the card above. THANK YOU Eila :)) 

Everything somehow connected together and I am so glad not just for the amazing friends I have made over the last 3 years I have been online, but also the encouragement I received to keep on going. I am SO happy everything worked out in the end, and I am really REALLY glad I did not give up creating ALL together because ... now that I feel good and all is OK with baby etc I LOVE creating and I can look back at the last year ..or 3 and bid them goodbye but also thank them for everything they brought with them. 

I know it is only August in 2013, but the next few months are going to be AWESOME scrapping wise. 

I am in a good place, and I sincerely hope I can pass my enthusiasm and good vibes on to you. 

Have a great day everyone :) 



  1. Нади, я думаю, все очень рады, что ты не оставила скрап и продолжаешь творить такую красоту!!! LOL! работы действительно очаровательны и без них было бы грустно! Успехов!!! здоровья девочкам и тебе!

  2. Oh sweetie. No idea I ran into you when you were in that mood. But I'm glad I could cheer you up a bit. :)

    Eila is the sweetest. I was going to send out Sofiero to you when our packing department returned from their vacation, but she got first! :)

    Love your creations. They are as beautiful as ever.


  3. Hi Nadia ! I have started following your blog just recently..I was mesmerized by your gorgeous n so beautiful..You are an inspiration to me.Though I don't scrap ,but I have tried making 1,2 shabby cards ..and learning lot from your creations...Thanks a lot and All the best for your future creations !

  4. Ok ... so I just had a little cry reading this blog post :( Part of me feels that way - hormonal too but not because of pregnancy but because of menopause :( and the packing it in part is because I feel so inadequate as a crafter... but it is also the glue that keeps me together. It is the thing that has seen me through the darkest times and also the best of times... I also agree about meeting amazing people from all corners of the earth, they are often the people who have been the wind beneath my wings. I hope that you never leave this THING... because it would be a devastating loss to people like me who look at your work and are inspired by it and strive so much harder to attain your level... big hugs Nadia... you are amazing <3

  5. Had a moment of wee tears when reading your beautiful blog post and your more than kind words about me. Somehow we meet the people we need to meet when we need it the most. Sometimes we don't even know the impact we have on people's lives just by smiling at them, touching them with words or giving them a hug or just being there. That's why love in all its shapes and forms is such a universal healer. A box full of papers to ignite that little thing inside you, without any strings attached. Giving without expecting anything back is the most beautiful thing we can do. As a result we receive the most unexpected gifts back in return. Like your words. Thank you for being my friend and for your endless inspiration igniting that little spark in so many of us others. Your card is so delicate and utterly pretty! Thank you so much for sharing it with us! xoxox

  6. Oh thank you for sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings.. it sure has been some ups and downs for you.. You have been honest and open and we all have been cheering for you..You have also encouraged and inspired us too.. We are so much more richer for you having started scrapping 4 years ago.. and it is an amazing world filled with wonderful people and fabulous creativity... like a big family!! I love your card, it is soft and sooo lovely! and your canvas is beautiful.. it has been created in your quiet moments just from your heart.. so beautiful... I look forward to sharing many years of scrapping with you Nadia!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. So glad your journey has brought you into such a good space & place & that you have had such supportive, understanding friends along the way....that card is so light & airy & pretty, too:):) Soooo glad you didn't give up scrapping:):):)

  8. So happy you have found peace. Your beautiful work reflects it.

  9. Lovely card, you combine textures and patterns so beautifully.

    Nadia, the thing I love most about your blog is how open and honest you are. You seem like such a beautiful person inside and out. I'm so happy to hear that your life is look up again.

  10. How brave of you to open up some more to all of us, and I am even more thankful for it, as I am constantly fighting my own personal demons and find courage in the knowledge that things don't always go smooth sailing even for amazing (in my eyes) people like yourself! I have so much to learn, but I realise also so much to give, I just need to start believing in myself a little more...(actualy a whole lot)!Thank you for not giving up on your art and please never do...I and many others need to see you and your work in order to keep our spirits high! Big Hugs to you and your darling seeing them grow and develop...they are part of my little Face Book family...XOXOX

  11. Nadia you card is as light as air - so soft and gentle! ♥
    I loved reading your post. yes, it is totally amazing that for many of us scrapbooking means more than just a hobby or even a way of preserving memories - it became the way we create some of our cherished memories as well. thank you for sharing your heart! ♥

  12. Your card is truly gorgoeus, as is that amazing canvas!
    I'm so happy to hear that you are where you want to be :) It's good to hear that you are enjoying scrapbooking again. You always do such amazing work to make your three gorgeous girls really shine :)

  13. Love the etheral card you made from the Sofiera range...I just bought some this week and can't wait to scrap with them. Your canvas is beautiful too. Your moving post made me think of how hard you pregnancy must have been and how you were supported by kind words and unexpected gifts....You are brave to reveal your authentic self, it encourages others to be real too. TFS

  14. Stunning card and canvas and I really love that mood board! Lucky for the scrapping world you came back :) I am very glad to hear you are in such a good place, happy with life and enjoying your scrapping again! :)

  15. Aww, thanks for sharing Nadia. I'm so glad you're in a happy place and can now share your lovely work. Keep it up, I really enjoy your creations. Danielle Tilley


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