Friday, August 30, 2013

Altered Journal for Marion Smith Designs!!

OK this has been a HUGE creative month! Although you are probably thinking how on earth I can create so much with a baby, let me tell you some things that save me! A LOT of people ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ask me one question "How do you do it?"

 1) I work extremely fast (and I know it probably shows LOL) .. I do not think too long, I just stick it all down and go , go , go . The alternative is, NO scrappy time. Or creative 1 project as opposed to 2-3 per sitting. So do I have a choice? 

2) I am a LATE night scrapper. Yeah, my night pretty much begins after 8:30ish when ALL the kids are down, the house has been tidied , and I can create at ease. I have a strong coffee around that time and I quite often create well into the night.. 12:30 - 1:00am...I have always done that. What happens with baby? Well.. the older kids are asleep by 7:30ish, and baby has fallen into that routine herself! All on her own. I was happy for her to stay up.. but her bed time is 7:00-7:30 , then up at around 11 for a feed and straight back to sleep and then up again at 4am for a feed and again back to sleep. Not too bad for a 3 month old :) 

3)I am an organisational freak.. oh yeah I am ! LOL!I work WELL AHEAD of time! I am not ashamed to admit that I do not work well under pressure... No. That's my husband LOL! I need time, and I need notice, and I need to be able to control things. SOOOO.. a lot of the creations you see are done weeks in advance.. If I know what I am up for, I handle it! I do what I have to! 

4) I scrap lift myself! Nothing wrong with that! As long as you ask your self first! LOL! Ok you know what I mean.. when I am pushed for time, I go back to what I know. I recall in my head, a recent layout I did and repeat the same techniques, design etc etc. It is much easier than having to think of new things to create. Of course, there are times I experiment. To do that, I need to be in the right frame of mind. But usually, I try to recreate what I have already done and MOST of the time no 2 layouts will look the same.. 

So there you go! I am not Superwoman after all! If I could give you one word of advice (No its not stay up till 1:00 am LOL), it would be to just NOT over think things! I know its hard, especially when you have limited supplies and you do not wish to ruin them. And I can tell you almost all of my creations, I question them. I am never really happy with them and always think could have done better and ALWAYS wonder if anyone would like them LOL So please do not think I am so confident in my work that I just create magic !! I just GO FOR IT! I just do not think about it too much. 

Ok so after all that chatting you are probably ready to see my altered notebook for Marion Smith Designs. 

Well here it is. We were challenged to create an altered notebook in celebration of the new school year that is beginning in the USA and a lot of parts of the world.. I urge you to  have a look at the blog HERE, for so many more examples from our Design Team. They are one talented group these ladies. :) 

I used once again the gorgeous Scarlet printable collection which you can find HERE 

I added some Prima flowers, 13arts mists and paints, a Prima background stamp and Prima Vintage Trinkets to finish it off. 

Hope you do like my creation. 

Have a happy creative weekend! 

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  1. Ok, Nadia, you are the first person who talks about their creative process and describes - me!! I am a super fast scrapper, I don't over think things, and yes, balancing around little ones can be a challenge but the creative outlet is necessary so we make do, right? Lol!! Love this journal, so very beautiful - maybe my favorite from you, yet!

  2. Thanks for posting this Nadia :) I often wondered how you manage to get so much done with 3 kiddies. Being a newish Mum myself (my daughter just turned 1) I too and hard pressed for time and scrap late at night :) I still don't believe you just stick things down though...your work is just too awesome!! I love your style you ate truly talented :)

    1. hahaha Kaitlynne.. I PROMISE! I just STICK IT DOWN AND MOVE ON!!! LOL!

  3. Thank you so much for your superwoman tips :) I often wondered how you do it with three litte girls at home. Being a student I often have to sneak in under the wire with my projects and I just hate that. Just like you, I'm not that good in working under pressure. Maybe your tips, especially the scraplifting yourself one, will help me out :)

    Your journal album is totally gorgeous by the way! I just love the grid pattern and all the layered embellishments on top.

  4. Ya like everyone here I too wondered how do you manage making such amazing projects !! Nice you shared .Though you say ,that you lift your previous projects neither of them look same..!You are really an inspiration to do things fast within limited time..I loved this altered note book specially the textured layers n colors !

  5. Ok...first of... Your creations are amazing! Love them! And I also wanna thank you for this beautiful and encouraging post! Have a great creative weekend!

  6. In my eyes Nadia you are still a Goddess among Scrapbookers' whatever you say. It takes practice, discipline and artistic skill to produce the standard of work you do. I still feel totally incompetent every time I see your creations. So glad your little sweeties are good at night. I had a screamer, all night.....and half the day............. Nightmare!!

  7. Mmmmm...I am not fast and yes I over think everything!!! Maybe I need to change my mind set somehow?I'm in awe of your quality of work and love getting some tips from you...Awesome project Nadia!

  8. I love reading about your process! And your work is always fabulous! Love it..x

  9. Wow that is sound advice! Stick it down and move on.. I fart around a lot sometimes... put it down, take it off, put something else down, take it off.. of course there are 100 ways you could create something!! Your work is always wonderful.. layered up, embellished beautifully, so you just create from your heart and not let your head get in the way of a good layout!!hehe! So glad your girls are all settled in together!! Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Fantastic notebook cover, I really like the lattice cut tout background.

  11. Well, Nadia, your routine works wonderfully! It sounds much like mine being a neat freak and the fact that I don't have a dedicated scrap space and use the dining room table--which needs to be cleared in order to feed the family. The only difference is your work is so beautiful and mine is still a learning process. Love your notebook cover.

  12. Great advices! And it's fun to read that you're ways of creating are relatively similar to mine :D When in a hurry (and that means that the work is due in two weeks XD) I always scraplift myself. And I really, really like to work in advance, too :)

  13. I read this on Friday night Nadia, when I couldn't sleep, it was just perfect timing for as I am a couple weeks off having baby no. 3. Because of a 5 year age gap I am scared that I won't be able to enjoy scrapbooking like I have been in recent weeks (just found my mojo again) and in the past. So THANK YOU for your advice and your creative process. I did actually get up out of bed and go and finish a layout with your words in mind. Just stick it down...haha! And it worked I finished the layout and I am happy with it. Your true honesty and help to other like minded mums is wonderful and I LOVE to read and drink it all in. I just hope I have a good bub just like you :))

    Hope you are well and have a beautiful week :)xx

  14. Oh and your is amazing.. the colours and all the mixed media effects are so eye catching :))xx


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