Friday, June 14, 2013

Scraps Of Elegance June Kit Reveal!

WOW what a whirlwind the last couple of weeks have been. I tell you, it doesnt take long to remember how the days fly by in a bit of a blur when you have a newborn. Sofia is a GREAT baby, but day turns into night SO quickly and you feel like all you have done is change a million nappies, feed the baby a million more and try to get SOME of your old routines like cooking, cleaning etc back. I mean, things like showers are a novelty now. LOL! They are done in an extremely quick fashion between baby's naps at all sorts of hours, like 1:00am for example LOL! Or eating.. what's that? It quickly becomes afternoon and you remember the last time you ate was dinner the night before. Or sleep.. Ahhhhhh.. how I remember just 4 weeks ago I used to be able to sleep through the night uninterrupted. Feels like a distant memory. A glimpse of a past life LOL!  Its amazing how a human can survive on a just a few hours sleep... 

Of course it is hard. But it is worth EVERY single second, because I would never have it any other way. In fact, I pray that somehow time stops and she would be a baby forever. I detest the 3:00am sleeps in the middle of winter, but as soon as I am up in the morning I anticipate the time I have to do it again at night because its our bonding time. Imagine, in the still of the night, a little baby cries for her feed, her mum picks her up and spends a precious amount of time alone while everyone else is asleep, in the dark. Its our time together , its a time to process exactly what is happening because the days DO go so fast indeed and you forget how long you waited for these moments, how hard you fought for the chance to have another baby in your arms yet once again and what a blessing it is to actually have her. 

Yes, I do love our precious time together because it all goes by so quickly and before you know it they do not need you as much as they used to :( Its amazing seeing you children grown into independent and well adjusted human beings. But ... you do not know just how much your role as a mum has changed till you have a new baby and remember just how much the older kids also needed you so much once upon a time. Its bittersweet. You encourage them to be independent, but.. it hurts to know that as much as they love you and need you still, time changes everything and its a natural part of life that they move on. :( I better not think too far ahead. I should just enjoy the fact they are still little and cherish every single ordinary day with them. 

Well anyway, on that thought let me share with you a layout I created with the June kit from Scraps of Elegance. It is JUST AMAZING. If you are thinking about a kit club check them out as the kits are really well coordinated and the add ons simply extend the life and use of your main kit. 

You will find the Scraps of Elegance website HERE and the forum with many active participants and lots of challenges HERE or their store HERE

To purchase or subscribe to these kits please go HERE. 

Here is what the June kit looks like...


Included in this month's kit:

Patterned Paper
My Mind's Eye: Find Your Wings and Fly Collection:  Layered Ephemera, Up & Away, Carousel
Prima: Lyric Collection: Box Office, Prelude, Recital, Tempo
Webster's Pages:  Modern Romance Collection:  Love Defined, Candlelight Dinner
Crate Paper:  The Pier Collection:  Ferris Wheel

Prima:  Lyric Fabric Flowers
Webster's Pages:  Modern Romance Mini Bags (2 designs)
Webster's Pages: Modern Romance Baker's Twine
Crafter's Workshop:  6x6 Flower Quarter Template
Queen & Co.:  Candy Shoppe Candy Stripers
Reneabouquets:   Our signature hand-crafted butterflies
Lindy's:  Baby Blue Eyes Aqua Starburst Mist
My Mind's Eye:  Find Your Wings and Fly 12 x 12 Cardstock Stickers
Inspirational Sketch by Suepup, created just for our Whimsy Kit

Patterned Paper Add On

Coordinating Paper Add On 

Cardstock Add On

Embellishment Add On

Floral Add On

Color Add On

Along with a new sketch comes a new sketch challenge - come play along with us, you don't need to use our kits to play, and you could win a nice little RAK (a $20.00 credit to spend in our store)!  Here's where you can find the challenge:  Whimsy Sketch Challenge

And finally here is my layout based on this sketch..

I have a couple more creations with this kit that I will show you over the next few days. 

If you like the look of this kit and the add ons you can purchase all of it HERE (where available) 

Have a great day everyone :) 

xoxo Nadia

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  1. Beautiful!Great background work.Love that quote!

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty...& that AA Milne saying.....cute! I'm guessing Winnie the Pooh??? Haven't read it for years...think I may have to have a dip into it again:):):) And you made me laugh, thinking about the future, then reflecting on enjoying the 'now'....we do tend to get ahead of ourselves...& miss the living bit, at times:):)!!!!!!!

  3. Glad all is going well with baby Sofia.

  4. So glad to hear you and Sofia are doing well. I can imagine you are going through some precious but also crazy busy times at the moment. Raising three children is more than a fulltime job. Glad to hear you enjoyed a bit of scrapping in the meantime too :) your lay-out is beautiful, soft and pretty - as amazing as always :)

  5. Ha ha you can tell it has been a while since I have had a baby because reading what you had to say about 3am feedings is making me miss them and I am feeling broody! So glad you are enjoying every precious moment with your new bundle of joy :) The kit looks fab and your layout as always is gorgeous!:)

  6. Nadia, your posts are always so heartfelt. Glad you and your little treasure are doing well. I miss those early months terribly and as someone who was only blessed with one child I know I will never have the chance to have these precious night feedings again. Treasure the moments, no showers and all... so happy for you, and glad you still have a bit of energy to create lovely projects for us to enjoy.

  7. Oh yes I can still remember the nights and early mornings of just being with the little baby and being close.. and yes somehow new mums get a super strength to cope with it all.. it sounds like everything is going along as it should be... This layout is so beautiful.. I love the shades of pink and layers of frilly diolleys and of course the sweet photo.. this is beautiful.... Enjoy the rest of your weekend too!!xx

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