Sunday, May 19, 2013

WELCOME TO THE WORLD.... my precious baby

Hello my beautiful friends. 

I am home from the hospital after giving birth to my healthy,  gorgeous, wonderful and amazing miracle baby.. GIRL!

I am extremely happy to finally announce the arrival of...

Her name means WISDOM in Greek. And let me tell you there is no description MORE fitting to what this  journey and this child have taught me. 

I was induced on Friday morning at 8:30am and she arrived at 6:42pm that night. I think I did pretty well. I received at epidural early on , as with all my deliveries and everything just went perfectly well. All of you mums out there will celebrate the fact that she came out in 6 minutes. Yes I literally pushed 3 times and she was out and when my doctor said "Its .... another girl" I almost fell off my bed LOL! I was 95% certain it was a boy. 

My doctor said to me afterwards that I "cried my baby out" rather than pushing her out. Yeah, I cried a lot in that delivery room. I am not taking away anything from this special child, but it was extremely difficult not to connect the last time with this. It was very emotional. I kept thinking of what happened. I was imagining that this is what it was supposed to be like last time. 

As fate would have it, there was no free room for me at that time and you know where I ended up staying for the night? In the labor room I gave birth in when I delivered my lost baby. How strange to come full circle. This time, I walked away with a baby in my arms. Last time, I left my baby and my heart in that hospital. 

Life is strange... but all this has been nothing short of a life lesson. I am still learning the reasons why. I know there are still dark days ahead, but here is this beautiful child right here right now who came literally out of no where. In fact, my doctor had a laugh at me because I was continually saying "WHERE did you come from??" once they placed her in my arms. LOL! 

She is healthy, I am doing extremely well. We left the hospital the next morning at 9:30am and we have been home yesterday and today. 

Everything is amazing. I cannot stop holding her. I slept with her in my arms last night. I just want to be full of HER, her smell and her scent and everything wonderful about her. 

The girls love her, they have been helping me and looking after her. SO far its a dream. 

She is just SO cute. I am not sure who she looks like. She has changed faces a lot in the last 48 hours that she was born. LOL! 

I cannot wait to scrap her first picture. 

I hope I can finally put ALL this behind me, look forward to next weeks, months , years with 3 girls and the most supportive husband and learn to heal at the same time. Sam is the most amazing husband. He is my rock. I could not have done this without him. He is the best father and he is blessed now with 3 daughters to spoil him for the rest of his life. 

One last time, from the bottom of my heart I wholeheartedly THANK YOU. 

I keep on saying this, and I will always say it... You are all A BLESSING in my life .. A gift from God that helped me get to the end . ALL of you out there.. THANK YOU ! I cannot tell you enough just how much you helped me throughout this journey. Its not over yet, but I can finally take some deep breaths and maybe be normal again. 

That this child will be the most spoiled child in history is no doubt LOL! She has no idea yet just how much she is loved, just how much she is wanted and just how much she was FOUGHT for. She has no idea the lengths we went to get her here. I will write it all down for her. She needs to know she was no accident, she was always wanted and always , always , always LOVED.  I gave up in the end, but she didn't. SHE found her way to me... she is here now and she was sent to us as a gift from God. 

God is great and HOPE and FAITH is what its all about in the end.

My prayers have been answered. I hope yours will too. 

All my love, Nadia. 

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